Is Airtasker the right place to get your website design and copywriting done?

Looking for an Airtasker alternative?

Airtasker is a great platform when you know how to brief a freelancer or agency with precise job specifications.

Unfortunately, some reviews of platforms such as Airtasker suggest that customers sometimes didn't get the results they wanted.

"BEWARE! BEWARE! Airtasker will take your money and provide no support whatsoever even if you get completely scammed or incur damages or real losses by any of their taskers. Airtasker simply does not care less whether or not a task is done or not."

Review of Airtasker, Feb 2021,

More than one in four* users rated Airtasker as Bad, Poor, or Average (*according to information on trusted consumer reviews website, Trustpilot – December, 2021).

Quotes submitted on tasking platforms like Airtasker are often ‘copy and paste’ responses to listed jobs – and don’t always address specifications or get specific about what the end product will be like.

Another area of concern is that some outsourcing platforms are populated with many non English speaking workers who bid for tasks that require excellent English skills. As a result, websites, documents and designs get published online containing typos and misunderstandings – rendering them useless from a search engine optimisation (SEO) point of view – and preventing them from being found or purchased!

Need a more certain outcome?

If you’d like a clearer outcome ahead of receiving your finished digital product, start a dialogue with a freelancer before hiring them. Your interactions with them could help you uncover requirements that you might not have considered; you might also find that some of your initial requirements are no longer applicable or current.

Assessing quotes and bids

Many people getting a website, document or design are budget-focused, i.e., saving $100 here and there. But the true value of a talented freelancer lies in their specific blend of skills and experience.

When assessing bids, consider not just the cost – but also the value the work will bring. For example, if one quote to design a new website is $250, but another quote for $500 offers a much higher return on investment, the second quote may be the one to choose.

Not sure how to evaluate or forecast return on investment? Let’s arrange to discuss!

Are you hiring someone right now?

See if the worker asks you lots of questions about the task. A sign of a good freelancer or worker is that they ask lots of what, why, how, where and when questions – which help the worker understand the job and desired outcome.


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Note: This post doesn’t necessarily provide the right advice for your particular situation or needs. Please do your own research. Many people have used online marketplaces to find copywriters and website designers. The post simply suggests that you might find value in striking up a conversation with a freelancer well before engaging them. Comprehensive pre-hire dialogue is often not possible on sites such as Airtasker.